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The Inspiration

We’re really into vegetables.

Judge us if you must.

When David started thinking about having kids, he also started thinking about the world where his kids would grow up. And one of the things he thought A LOT about is our current way of eating. It isn’t sustainable. To ensure a sustainable food future, people needed to eat more vegetables. Was he crazy? Better ask his friend John. After 10 minutes of talking about his veggie view, John had four simple words to say: Let’s start a company.


People love vegetables.

They just need great options.

David and John set out to understand why people weren’t eating more vegetables. People seem to really love them…in theory. But they don’t love peeling, chopping, boiling, etc. Turns out veggies are too much work and not enough taste. So that was our goal: make vegetables easy to prepare and full of taste.

We needed the perfect vegetable delivery system.

With that in mind, we chatted up a chef and presented a seemingly impossible task: Make us a veggie dish that even the laziest meatatarian would eat. One that was filled with good quality vegetables and free of the bad stuff that freaks everyone out. After 27 versions and countless taste tests, we struck gold. And green. And purply-red.


Our Story


Friends at first sight
September, 2013

David and John are employees #9 and #10 at a startup in Toronto. After a few minutes of teasing one another, a tickle fight and a friendly wedgie they immediately become friends. Just kidding. John hates to be tickled.


An idea is born
March, 2016

David finds out he’s having baby #2, which gets him to thinking: Maybe I should change the world. He tells John that together they should inspire people to eat more nutritiously and more sustainably. Some might call it insanity, John calls it genius.


One small problem
June, 2016

So they have this idea about feeding the planet, but then reality sets in: neither one of them are great cooks. So David and John found Chef Ted who bought into their pitch of “We can’t pay you, but it will be a lot of fun!”


February, 2017

The idea was simple: veggie-based food should look and taste like veggies. The process was not simple. But after 8 months of hours of pealing vegetables, dicing onions, and eating veggie patties until they seriously thought of becoming fruit-itarians, they create Veggie Patty Recipe #27: three tasty veggie patties that look and taste incredible.


Now we need a name
March, 2017

First it was the Green Squad. Then there was that weekend where Mucho Gusto sounded cool. Finally David and John settle on Wholly Veggie!


But will people like it?
April, 2017

The boys scrape together some cash and rent a booth at the Canadian Health Food Show in Vancouver. After three days of shaking hands, handing out samples, and making sure their booth made of IKEA parts didn’t fall apart, David and John realize people really like their veggie patties.


And we’re off
June, 2017

They have an incredible recipe for mouth-watering veggie patties. They have designed a snazzy package. Everything is ready. The first orders come to the door and OH NO! Just kidding. They look amazing. Canada, meet Wholly Veggie.


Good food finds a good cause
September, 2017

David and John don’t just want to help some people eat better, they want to help EVERYONE eat better. So they partner with Community Food Centres Canada to make sure everyone has access to healthy, sustainable food.

good deeds

You help us turn good food into good deeds

No matter what you do or where you’re from, we believe that everyone has the right to good food. At Wholly Veggie we live this belief everyday which is why we have partnered with Community Food Centres Canada, who are helping build health, belonging, and social justice in low-income communities through the power of food. A portion of the sale of each Wholly Veggie product goes towards supporting Community Food Centres Canada.



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