Eating Well Just Gets
Better and Better


Did you know that by putting more veggies on your plate, you’re putting more veggies on another person’s plate too? A bunch of people, actually.
That’s because Wholly Veggie is proud supporter of Community Food Centres Canada.

good deeds

Community Food Centres of Canada is an organization that believes wholesome, nutritious food is everyone’s basic right. Everyone should be able to access good food with ease and dignity.

In their words:
We believe good food can be a transformative force in low-income communities. So we build vibrant, financially stable Community Food Centres that offer high-impact food programs in welcoming community spaces that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food.

At Wholly Veggie, we wholly support this kind of action. So every time you support us, you contribute a little to the Community Food Centres of Canada.

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